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  • Haru Shizukesa


  • Arzhani Rrazmik

    Nightmare's Edge Longsword +5 Longsword Draining Dreams: Whenever this weapon would confirm a critical hit, the creature hit takes 1 point of wisdom, charisma, and intelligence drain. Sleeping Surge: Whenever an enemy within 10' Would be …

  • Kai

    Ioun Stone - Abbajack's shot of Jimble Juice An ioun stone resembling a glass bottle with a red sloshing liquid, the bottle is a cork with a laughing face (extracts cannot be stored in here) Listen up brave advanturur' This 'ere itum provides a po' …

  • Hellknight Kai

    Oracle 7 (Dual Cursed)/Cleric (Crusader) 1/Fighter 1/Hellknight Enforcer 4/Holy Vindicator 7 Point buy Str 15 Dex 8 +2 Racial Con 16 +2 Racial Int 10 Wis 12 Cha 17 Stat increases: Level 4: +1 Charisma Level 8: +1 Strength Rev 1: Channel …

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